Harness the power of Sales Commission

Organizations use Kennect’s platform for sales compensation automation which helps bring transparency and operational efficiency

Take control of your sales compensation

Is incentivizing a key part of your sales strategy? If yes, have you equipped your sales team with the tools to track their incentives? Do you know more than 80% of excel calculation is prone to errors and leads to overpayments? Kennect's incentive solution helps you save time and money and provide tools to sales managers to keep track of their earnings

Many systems, One dashboard

Do you invest a lot of time and efforts converting your sales and CRM data into meaningful reports? Don’t worry. Kennect's platform will help automate all your routine processes and fetch actionable and intelligent reports your business demands and that too, in real time.

Bring Strategy to Sales Commissions

Real time Commission Tracker & Simulator
Leverage the power of commissions to motivate your sales team. Each rep gets a personalized dashboard that updates in real-time as they move closer to their quota and specific goals
Self-managed, flexible incentive system
With just one click, your operations team can generate payput sheet and reports based on your incentive schemes
Admin driven user-friendly system
Align your sales teams behaviour with Kennect’s flexible platform

Value we Bring

Let your sales managers focus on sales
80% Reduction in time spent in shadow accounting by sales teams
Reduces Time And Calculation Error
Generate error-free payout reports even with complex schemes and conditions
Optimize Your Commission Strategies
60% Reduction in time spent in implementing and rolling out of variable compensation plans
Increased Awareness, Fewer Queries
Upto 90% reduction in post incentive disbursement queries

This is Why we do
What we do

“We have fully automated incentive calculation using Kennect Platform. Now, each of our 2000+ reps know their incentive potential and gaps in real time".
Medley Labs
"Kennect’s platform has helped us bring data from different applications on a single tool. This helps save time not only for the sales team, but we can focus on generating more insights to support decision-making"
Roche Products
“Kennect is a platform which is loved by the field force. It helps them keep track of their incentive and other KPIs and provides them alerts with gaps in their performance”
Alkem Labs

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